Posted by: Candles | 03/22/2012

About The Candles I Use

I just love to use candles ALL the time!   And, I mean all the time!  It seems that no matter what room I’m in, there are candles.  And, when there are candles they really have to be lit!  I totally enjoy the ambiance the lit candle emits.  They make the room feel so warm and cozy and when it’s cold outside that is a most welcoming feeling!

I especially enjoy using scented candles and each room smells so nice when I leave.  The scent is still there when I enter that room at a later time during the day.  It’s just so comforting to me to enter a room that has a light pleasant scent.

The soy candles come in various colors and sizes.  There are the taper candles, the pillar candle, the votive candle and the tea light candles.  They all come in various sizes and usually meet the needs of the theme you are using for the decoration.

Fortunately I have chosen to use soy candles as they burn clean and don’t pollute the air you are breathing!  They also do not put out the black residue the shows on your ceilings or inside the candle jar in which they have been placed.

You can find and buy these candles at today!

But when using regular candles, as always, there is a safety factor to remember and that would be to not place lit candles next to anything flammable or leave your lit candles unattended.



  1. Just checked out your site, very nice!!! Do you make the candles or just sell them?

    • I just sell them. Never did learn how to make them. My mom tried to teach me but I was just so unco-ordinated and kept burning myself! What can I say. . . .But I just love to have candles around and enjoy burning them. There’s just something about a burning candle that comforts me. Thanks for stopping by and I will check out your web-site too! Have a great day!

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