Posted by: Candles | 02/10/2012

Candle Arrangements for the Patio and Front Porch

The patio is usually forgotten unless you are planning a patio party.  And then we need to think creatively and start placing some tall pillar candles all around and some tea lights.  Now, of course, we have the option to use regular candles or flameless candles for our ideas.  But now that the weather is starting to cool in the evenings, I will hold my party in the patio instead of out in the back yard so my guests won’t get too cold.

I’m using the flameless tall pillar, smaller votive and tea lights.  The tall pillar candles will be placed around the outer interior circumference of the patio.  I will place them in the clay saucers with rocks and flowers.  The tea lights will be hung in various glass holders and hung with the hanging plants.  The votive candles will be placed in their holders and placed on the tables and mini-bar.  The warm glow of the flameless candles will create a kind of relaxed ambiance that one can’t resist.

I’m fortunate to have a good sized front porch and I have a cast iron bench, a small round table and 2 chairs. I prefer the minimalist style of decorating which leaves a clean and uncluttered look. Because it is a bit windy on my front porch, I will again be using the flameless candles.  I will only need a china platter as a base then place 3 various sized and colored pillars. Turn them on and voila’ a warm setting for a cozy evening chat!

Now of course you will want to arrange the candles according to your own patio and front porch.  And, I know that your creative eye will make both areas just lovely.  Have a great time and enjoy your party!  (As I know your guests surely will!)  Visit and buy some of our candles at

Because we are using flameless candles we do not have to be too concerned about fire.  But when using regular candles, as always, there is a safety factor to remember and that would be to not place lit candles next to anything flammable or leave your lit candles unattended.



  1. Cool post! Keep up the awesome work!

    • Thanks for the encouraging words! Totally appreciated and have a great day!

  2. Candles are nice and romantic alternatives to patio lights, and they need to be presented well in the patio. I like the idea of the candles on the clay saucer with rocks and flowers–wonderful! As usual, we all need to be careful in dealing with candles to prevent fire.
    Sunset Patio

    • Thanks for dropping by and you have a great day!

  3. Candles are truly a romantic alternative to patio lights, and can add ambiance to any outdoor space. I love the ideas you’ve posted – the candle arrangements with rocks and flowers are beautiful! Find more outdoor accessories at

    • Thank you for dropping by and I will visit your website soon.

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