Posted by: Candles | 01/17/2012

Candle Arrangements

I just enjoy candles of every kind and like to burn them every day of the week!  I enjoy breakfast and dinner by candle light.  Sound strange?  Well, all I know is that it’s a great way to start the day as it is so totally relaxing for me.  I sit at the dining room table in the early hours of the morning, light the candles and read my book as I have my breakfast!  A wonderful quiet time of the day!

There is a circular candelabra, that stands about 14” high in the center of my dining room table that holds 10 tea lights and on each side of the candelabra is a taper candle in a crystal candlestick holder that is about 3” high.  It is a simple but lovely arrangement.  Come by for ideas on what candle(s) you want as part of your arrangement or centerpiece.

I also like to put an arrangement of 2 or 3 votive candles in holders on small glass trays and put them on my occasional table.

I also have 2 votive candles in holders with a taper candle in a 1” candle holder in between on the top of the piano with pictures of loved ones.

I have a medium sized pillar candle arranged with 4 various sized smaller pillar and votive candles so each candle is a different size and color.  Looks great in my hutch!

I guess you would consider me a minimalist with my candle arrangements.  But these arrangements are pleasing to my eye and are calming to have around.

This year I have decided to buy some flameless tea light candles, of various colors, and put them in my Christmas tree along with my tiny lights and ball ornaments.  I think it will be a cheerful sight from the living room and the street as my tree sits in my front picture window.

As always, there is a safety factor to remember and that would be to not place lit candles next to anything flammable or leave your lit candles unattended.


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