Posted by: Candles | 12/28/2011

Candle Memories

I can’t remember when I became so enamored with candles.  Perhaps in my twenties when I was setting up my first apartment in the City, on Nob Hill.  My girlfriend and I did a great deal of shopping at Cost Plus in San Francisco by the wharf.  The first time I went into that store, it took about an hour just to take it all in!  I felt so much like a tourist! (But that’s not such a bad thing as most of the folks down on the wharf are tourists!) This store has so much crammed into it and the variety of items to use for decorating leaves you breathless!  Everything from furniture to knick knacks!   Then while I was cruising through the store I realized I was following the most wonderful fragrances.  Much to my delight I found myself in the middle of their candle section!  I think it took another half hour before I noticed the tea lights and the tea light candle holders.  Now, what I haven’t told you is that everything in this store has been imported in from all over the world!  Talk about a ‘kid in a candy store’!  When there is so much to choose from, one has to decide on one project at a time and just how are these candles going to be used.  So, I decided to focus on nothing but tea lights and the wide selection of tea light candle holders.  At this point, I don’t have to tell you how I reacted being in that kind of environment. When you first enter the store, you have the option to take a shopping cart or a little basket.   I immediately equipped myself with a shopping cart and as I strolled through the store I had acquired some additional items of interest.  Now I was ready to select exactly what I wanted by way of tea lights.  There were so many different colors and scents and I wanted to be careful to choose the right colors and to make sure their scents are not going to be overpowering.  After choosing about 5 dozen various colors I then turned to the tea light candle holders and they were a plenty!  So I chose a few clear holders and a few clear etched holders and then some colored holders.  When I got my purchases back to my apartment there was no guess work as to where some of them were going to be placed, like in the make-up alcove, before the bathroom, and on the window sill over the bathtub.  I then finished up by putting some candles in my bedroom and the living room.  I also placed a few on the window sill in the kitchen.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with myself and how my apartment was beginning to look!

That was then and this is now and I still love candles as much as ever.  I buy them by the dozens and now there are some really cool looking candelabras and yummy crystal holders for tea lights.   You can use just about anything you want including tea cups that have no saucers, clear dessert dishes and covered candy dishes!  I’m just amazed at how many items you already have in your home that can be used to hold these wonderful little tea light and votive candles!

Come on by and visit me at and see for yourself!

A safety suggestion to always keep in mind when burning any candle is to make sure they are not burning close to anything flammable and never leave them unattended. 


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